Aug. 21, 2004

The Night Shift’s playlist for
August 21, 2004
DJs Hiem and Alexx

RS = requested song
RA = requested artist
U = upcoming show

[DJ Hiem]
Impossible Recording Machine – The Darkest Sun
Hate Dept. – Omnipresent
Kill Switch Klick – Eventually
RA Mentallo and the Fixer – Decomposed
Hyperdex-1 Sect – Mind
Biopsy – Body Wire
Converter – Stand Beside Him (and Stab Him in the Neck mix by Manufactura)
Proyecto Mirage – I like Your Girlfriend
Monstrum Sepsis – Thermodynamics
Terrorfakt – Spineless

Null Device – Prevailing Winds
Prick – Other People
U Something About Vampires and Sluts – Next To You
RA Sisters of Mercy – Walk Away
Big Electric Cat – Orchids Dreaming
RS Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress
The Chameleons – In Shreds
Written In Ashes – All I Never Wanted
RA Project Pitchfork – Carnival
Collapse Into Reason – Hunger
RS Zeromancer – Dr. Online (Rico remix)
Syrian – No Atmosphere

[DJ Hiem]
State of the Union – Timerunner
Steril – WitchBlade
Trigger10d – Dirty Water (SMG mix)
SMP – This Perfect Day
Das Ich – Vulkan
Retrosic – Total War
Cruciform Injection – Ruducer
Pigface – Insect/Suspect (Acucrack mix)
U Acumen Nation – Gun Lover
RS DJ? Acucrack – The Fortress
Pzychobitch – Master of Myself (ISC mix)

Monochrome – Awakened
RA Iris – Sorrow Expert
Soviet – Commute
RA The Cure – Want
RA Nine Inch Nails – Into the Void
RA Bella Morte – Undone
RS Soil & Eclipse – O Magnum Mysterium
Seabound – Poisonous Friend
RA Assembalge 23 – Let the Wind Erase Me (club version)
RA Apoptygma Berzerk – Unicorn (Alon Cohen mix)
RA Hungry Lucy – In the Circle (D-Koy mix)
The End Party – Shattered

[DJ Hiem]
RA Chemlab – Binary Nation
Sister Machine Gun – Motivator
U Hanzel und Gretel – SS Deathstar
C-Drone Defect – Sin Society
Andraculoid – Parasitik
RA Wumpscut – Golgotha
Run Level Zero – Under the Gun
Velvet Acid Christ – Lysergia
Amduscia – Dios Vuelto Miseria
RS Lights of Euphoria – Consequence
RS Grendel – Zombie Nation

Fictional – Blue Lights
RA New Order – True Faith ’94
RS KLF – 3AM Eternal
RA David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes
RS Placebo – Every You, Every Me
Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
The Killers – Somebody Told Me
RA Rx – K.Y. Re:amin
RA Rob Zombie feat. Lionel Ritchie and Trina – Brickhouse ’03
Barry Adamson – Whispering Streets
RA Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
Poe – Haunted
The Smiths – Asleep