July 2, 1999

Ceremony at Club Laga
The Night Shift’s playlist for
Fri. July 2, 1999

DJs: Badtz and KellyD

TchKung – Clearcut
An April March – Wicked Game
Adam Christian – Conversation Piece
Qntal – Ad Mortem Festinamus
Rasputina – Thee Olde Headboard (The Glittered mix)
Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl (D.O.S.E. mix)
My Scarlet Life – Snakepit of Hell (Black Limbo remixed)

Magenta – Eccentricity
Curve – Wish You Dead
David Bowie – Heart’s Filthy Lesson
C-Tec – Foetal
Apoptygma Berzerk – Paranoia (Haunted Club Version)
Die Krupps – Fatherland (Andrew Eldritch remix)
[R] Siouxsie and the Banshees – Kiss Them For Me
[R] The Cure – Want
[R] Switchblade Symphony – Clown *Transmutator vs Razed In Black mix)

The Black Dog feat. Ofra Haza – Babylon (My Pasty Weighs a Ton mix)

Lucid Dementia – Twisted
Advent Sleep – Sleep
[R] The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion/Vision Thing medley

The Cruxshadows – Leave Me Alone (Shaft 20/20 mix)
[R] The Cure – Wrong Number (Digital Exchange)
Depeche Mode – I Feel You (Babylon mix)
Wolfsheim – Once In a Lifetime
Front 242 – Headhunter (ApB remix)
Front Line Assembly – The Blade (Technohead)
Christian Death – I Weave My Spell
[R] Apoptygma Berzerk – Mourn (remix)
VNV Nation – Solitary (Deathstar Disco)
The Creatures – 2nd Floor

Piker Ryan’s Folly – Eat ‘Em Up Jack
[R] Bauhaus – Double Dare
Bella Morte – Funeral Night
The House of Usher – Succubus (Prague 1957)
Suspiria – Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy
[R] Malaise – Walking Through the Wonderland
Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke – The Human Game
[R] Faith and The Muse – The Silver Circle
Snog – The Ballad
Gossamer – Run
KMFDM – Anarchy (God + the State mix)
:wumpscut: – I Want You

Velvet Acid Christ – Fun With Drugs (Amphetamine Club Overkill)
Soft Cell/Orgy – Tainted Love/Blue Monday (Club 69 remix medley)
Nitzer Ebb – Murderous (Instant Hits mix)
Birmingham 6 – You Cannot Walk Here (Victimized)
:wumpscut: – Deadmaker (haujobb mix)
Funker Vogt – Tragic Hero (Haat Klapp)
Rasputina – Thee Olde Headboard (The Weathered mix)
[R] Shok Mega-mix


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