Jan. 28, 2000

The Night Shift’s playlist for January 28, 2000
(Ceremony’s Three-Year Anniversary)

DJs: Hiem and KellyA

[R] = Request

Frontrunner – Brave New World
Skylash – Erate
Biopsy – Leech
Meat Distributors – Dawns
The Aggression – Airily
Aghast View – Truthlike
Android Lust – Refuse
16 Volt – Motorskill
Circle of Dust – Chiasm
Cruciform Injection – Exercise the Living
[R] E Craft – Electrocution
Idiot Stare – Smile

Orbital – Nothing Left I
Qntal – Ad Mortem Festinamus
Enigma – Modern Crusaders
Björk – Violently Happy
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
[R] The Pet Shop Boys – Vampires
Tori Amos – Caught a Lite Sneeze
[R] Nine Inch Nails – We’re In This Together

[R] Chemlab – Suicide Jag (original)
Society Burning – Human Waste
Sister Machine Gun – Sins of the Flesh
Project X – Fearless (Evil’s Toy Mix)
[R] Assemblage 23 – Surface
[R] Birmingham 6 – One of These Days
Hocico – Spit As an Offensive (live)

[R] Beborn Beton – Poison (El Presidente Jetylzer Remix)
Purr Machine – Send Me an Angel
[R] The Crüxshadows – Cruelty
12 Rounds – Where Fools Go
Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows
Boingo – Insanity

Frontline Assembly – Plasticity
[R] Culture Kultür – Revolution Time
Megadump – Fallout
[R] Second Voice – DAWNPt4
[R] MDFMK – Rabble Rouser

~~~Three Year Anniversary Greatest Hits of Ceremony Mix~~~
Switchblade Symphony – Clown
Skinny Puppy – Assimilate
Spahn Ranch – Locusts
Cubanate – Oxyacetalene
[R] :wumpscut: – Soylent Green
Rasputina – Transylvanian Concubine (Yes Sir Mr. Sir Mix)
The Crüxshadows – Marilyn, My Bitterness
Voltaire – When You’re Evil
Apoptygma Berzerk – Love Never Dies, Part 1
[R] Hate Dept. – Release It (Empirion Mix)
Beborn Beton – Another World
[R] VNV Nation – Solitary (signals edit)
[R] And One – Technoman


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