There will be six vendors at the Ceremony Reunion, three on each floor. All the vendors represent businesses owned by former Ceremony regulars.

jimsmall3 Distortion Productions: Owned by Jim Semonik (DJ Hiem), Distortion Productions is a concert promotion company that specializes in industrial bands, and is presenting its 150th show in November. Distortion Productions has also branched out into becoming a record label, and has signed several bands. The formation of a label has flowed naturally from a well-known project that Jim organized, a popular series of industrial CDs called Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer. Jim himself is a cancer survivor, and proceeds from the CD series have gone to fund cancer research. More info:
melaniesmall3 DarkWhite Arts: Melanie Stone was a regular at Ceremony from its earliest days. She founded DarkWhite Arts in 2010 as a creative outlet for her interest in the beauty of the macabre. She makes jewelry, boxes, magnets, key rings, wall art, and more. Her passion is cemetery photography and her specialty is necklaces made from spooky photos under glass domes. If you’re looking for a creepy doll face, Ouija board, or Vampira statement necklace, look no further. More info:
heidismall4 Heidi’s Spooky Creations: Heidi Graham was a Ceremony attendee from the very beginning. Her spooky wares will include Halloween-themed Christmas tree ornaments and cards, coffin-shaped decorative boxes, gothic hair barrettes, and soap adorned with bats and spiders. She’ll also be selling the 2014 album Machine Parts from the Pittsburgh industrial dance band Tragic Impulse.
jaimesmall3. Alter Ego Body Art Studio: Alter Ego is a tattoo and piercing studio in Dormont. It is co-owned by former Ceremony regulars Dave Spik and Jaime Wilson. Jaime actually had a job decorating for Ceremony in the ’90s. They’re not about to miss a second of the dancing, so you won’t find them behind a table, but their tattoo artists Red and Stanley will be selling prints of their own paintings and will be available to set appointments for tattoos and piercings. More info:
chrissmall2 Rickert & Beagle Books: Chris Rickert enjoyed attending Ceremony in the ’90s, and she now co-owns a Dormont bookstore with Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn (always a goth favorite). She also makes whimsical tatted jewelry and other creations under the name Perfect Fish Designs. She’ll be selling products from both those businesses. More info:
byronsmall2 Byron Winton: Byron is an artist who specializes in realistic fantasy and horror illustrations. He created custom art for many of Ceremony’s iconic fliers in the late ’90s and early ’00s. He will showcase these pieces as well as his newer work, and will have prints for sale. More info: