Our hotel recommendation is the Quality Inn University Center in Oakland.

Note from DJ Salo:

We wanted to set a suggested hotel for the event. The reason for this is just another way to help bring people together for the weekend.

If you’ve attended a festival like Convergence, you know that what goes on in the hotel tends to be half the fun. This can be the same only different.

After considering everywhere we settled on:

QUALITY INN University Center Oakland

This hotel is basic and non luxurious with good central location. It’s a familiar neighborhood to all of us, walking distance from the old Ceremony. And a short cab ride to the new venue. We weren’t able to get a group rate but their rates are in the low range anyway.

Of course everybody should make arrangements that suit them best so this is just another option. There are fancier hotels if you like, or for lower cost I know some people will be doing Airbnb or whatnot, that’s great.

No promises about hotel parties at this time but who knows what might be able to happen.

Daytime fieldtrip ideas may include a mass visit to the Old Strand Theater… where we can reclaim it as our club once again muhaha! And then maybe pick up some groceries.

-DJ Salo


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